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What is a Trained Dog? It is critical that you understand that, to be exact, there is no such thing as a “trained dog.”   There   are   dogs   that   have      been   highly   educated   to   perform   certain   skills   and   tasks.   During   your   Handler   Instruction   or   T.E.A.C.H.   class you will learn how to train your dog using operant conditioning which includes: positive reinforcement negative reinforcement positive punishment & Negative punishment    Using   this   balanced   approach   to   training   allows   us   to   show   you   how   to   create   desired   behaviors   and   to   reduce   or      eliminate unwanted behaviors. As   the   owner   of   a   Service   Dog   it   will   be   your   responsibility   to   follow   through   with   the   training   that   you   learn from   the   instructors   at   Committed   Canine.            So,   you   must   ask      yourself   whether   you   are   willing   and   able   to rehearse   skills   and   reinforce   behaviors   with   your   dog   every   day   for   the      duratoin   of   its   service   to   you   (up   to   10 years.) If   that   sounds   overwhelming,   then   a   Service   Dog   is   probably   not   right   for   you.         However,   if   you   are   up   for   the     challenge, you may find it very rewarding to have such an incredible relationship with your dog.