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   We   are   happy   to   speak   to   our   potential   clients   about   the   services   we   offer.      However,   if you   are   seeking   information   about   Service   Dogs   that   goes   beyond   what   we   provide   at   our website, you may want to schedule a Telephone Consultation. These are some questions that are best answered during a consultation: I’m thinking about getting a Service Dog, but don’t know where to start. I’m thinking about getting a Service Dog but I don’t know how it will help me. I   have   a   disabled   child   and   want   to   know   if   a   Service   Dog   is   appropriate   for   her   age and disability. What can a Service Dog really do for someone who has my disability? I   have   read   the   information   you   have   provided   regarding   breed   selection,   and   I would   like   your   professional   recommendation   about   getting   a   dog   specifically   for my needs.
Telephone Consultation


We   are   typically   available   during   business   hours,   but   we   are   able   to   accommodate   a   call during evenings or weekends on occasion.   

How Much?

$25 for a thirty minute call.


Send    us    an    email    requesting    a    telephone    consultation.        Please    put    telephone consult in the subject line. We’ll set up a time for the call. You will use the PayPal button on the Payments page. We will call you at the specified time.