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Tammie & Robert instruct this course.  You train your dog under their professional guidance.  Parents/    guardians    of    disabled    children,    or    assistants    for    disabled    adults    may assume the role of the dog’s trainer.    


T.E.A.C.H.   (Train   &   Educate   A   Canine   Helper)   is   a   professionally   guided   -   owner   trained   course composed of: Three, two-day weekends Six weeks apart You will receive 48 hours of class room instruction and public outings A certificate providing evidence of your dog’s training and your handling education A binder that contains the entire presentation Three published books on dog training Equipment like collar and leash and training aids A Service Dog vest A custom ID Continued support (email or telephone) Light snacks and beverages during the handler classes The Public Access Test, to evidence your dog’s training and your handling skills


T.E.A.C.H. is held at Committed Canine training facility in Brownstown, Illinois.   You   must   be   able   to   travel   to   our   location   to   participate   in   Handler   Training,   on three weekends, separted by six weeks.    See the Location page for directions as well as information on area motels
Professionally Guided - Owner Trained Program


There are three T.E.A.C.H. courses scheduled each year.  See the schedule below.  

How Much?

$2500 tuition for the 48 hour course including training materials. $500   (non-refundable   but   transferable   to   future   class)   required   to   hold   your   spot   in the class. $2000 is due on the first day of the first weekend of class. Disabled   US   military   veterans   (or   disabled   Police   or   FIre   fighters)   receive   a   25% discount   (total   fee   $1875.      $500   due   to   hold   your   spot,   $1375   due   the   first   day   of class) If   you   are   not   able   to   attend   a   pre-scheduled   class,   we   can   schedule   a   private   class- of-one for you for an additional $600, if our schedule permits.

Other details

We recommend students bring a support individual to class. We   appreciate   if   children   are   not   in   attendance,   except   a   disabled   child   that   is being partnered with the dog. You must select and secure your own dog for training. We   offer   significant   advice   regarding   the   selection   of   an   appropriate   dog    on   the PrepWork   page.      We   are   also   willing   to   review   a   potential   dog   you   identify   for suitability. Please   see   the   PrepWork   page   for   information   on   requirements   for   the   dog    that you select. Aggressive   dogs   will   not   be   tolerated   in   class.      No   refund   will   be   offered   if   you   bring a dog that is aggressive towards people, other dogs or small animals. Please   wait   to   send   a   deposit   until   we   have   reviewed   your   application,   spoken   to you and confirmed your dog is appropriate for our program. Our   goal   is   to   make   certain   you   succeed   as   a   Service   Dog   handler   -   once   we   receive your   application,   we   can   set   up   a   time   to   speak   over   the   phone   to   understand   your needs.
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