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Requirements of a Potential Service Dog (Note, some requirements only apply to dogs coming for Custom Training)
The dog must be 10 to 24 months old. Older dogs are acceptable however, o please consider that bad habits are harder to resolve if the dog has been practicing them for a longer time o a dog’s career as a functioning Service Dog must be weighed against his natural lifespan. Up to date on rabies, distemper/parvo, bordetella vaccines. Hard copy or e-copy records are required. Strongly prefer males over 14 months old to be neutered. We strong prefer that bitches are spayed prior to arriving for Custom Training to avoid an estrus cycle during the training period. An intact bitch that has not yet had an estrus cycle may not come for Custom Training. Bitches in season may not attend a T.E.A.C.H. class. Tested negative for and on monthly heartworm preventative (provided by owner during the training duration). On a monthly flea/tick preventative provided by the owner for the training duration. Cleared of hip dysplasia (by a licensed veterinarian who deems the hips normal). This is a strong reccomendation, not a requirement. We strongly recommend that your dog has been tested clear of any other high probability heritable conditions for the breed and the dog’s intended use. o For example, a German Shepherd Dog that will be required to provide mobility support should also have an elbow x-ray because elbow dysplasia is a fairly high risk in the breed, and the dog will need a structurally sound body. Accostommed to living indoors with humans. Has been exposed to a variety of real-world experiences and different social settings (negotiating a flight of stairs, riding in a vehicle, etc) Housebroken. Crate trained. Recently groomed (if it is a breed which requires professional grooming). If the dog requires professional grooming during its training duration, the owner is required to pay for the service and our travel time and mileage to take the dog to a groomer. Free of chronic illness like poor GI track / digestion issue, ear infections, skin infections, diabetes, allergies, etc. Free of severe motion sickness during car travel. The dog must not have any significant social issues such as o fear, panic, strong flight behavior o aggressive behaviors intolerance of other dogs high prey drive strong desire to chase or kill small animals resource guarding snaps at your hand when you touch certain areas on its body, or when attempting to brush or cut nails o excessive shyness o excessive / incessant barking o ‘protective’ behavior If you want your dog to remain on his own food, please provide a sufficient amount for his ten (or longer) week stay. We feed Diamond Natural Lamb and Rice, if you do not bring your own food. As professional dog trainers who have years of experience rehabilitating anti-social and aggressive dogs, we are capable of addressing typical anti-social behaviors that many pet dogs present, even those that are destined for Service Dog work. However, if a dog that arrives for Service Dog T.E.A.C.H. or Custom Training presents serious anti-social behavior, there will be no refund of the deposit. Custom Training: the 40% training fee due at drop-off will be returned. The owner will be expected to come for the dog at the owner’s travel expense. If the owners does not return for the dog within five days, a fee of $80/day boarding will be applied for each day after the five day grace period. If the dog was flown in for training, all expenses will be the responsibility of the owner, including the Trainer’s cost to transport the dog to the airport and secure any additional veterinary documentation for the airlines.