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Is a Service Dog Right for You? Owning   and   working   with   a   Service   Dog   could   be   one   of   the   most   satisfying   and      beneficial      experiences   of   your   life.         However, it   could   also   prove   to   be   a   frustrating   and   taxing   endeavor.      The         difference   between   benefit   and   burden   lies   solely   within   you.        Since   you   are   visiting   our   website,   you   may   have   already   dreamed   of   all   of   the   benefits   this   magnificent   animal   might   bring   you.     The purpose of this page is to guide you to the best possible decision for you.
The Bottom Line PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION found in the tabs above. After taking the time to answer all of the  questions that have been proposed here, it  all boils down to answering this question  “do the projected benefits of a Service dog  outweigh the expected burdens?”  If the  answer is yes, then you may very well be  an excellent candidate for a Service Dog.   However, if the answer is no, you should  consider seeking alternative interventions  for your disability.  Consider   making   a   chart      with   Burdens   on   one   side   and   Benefits   on      the   other.      List   all   the   possible   pros   and     cons   and   then   take   time   to   review   the   lists.         If   you   are   happy   in   your   decision   that   you      can   accept   all   of   the burdens   a   Service      dog   may   bring   in   order   to   reap   the   benefits,      please   review   the      pages   for   the   T.E.A.C.H. program or a Custom Trained SD. Then,   if   you   are   still   happy   with   the   decision   to   participate   in   a   Committed      Canine   program,   feel   free   to complete   the   application,   which   will   contain   a   question   as      to   whether   you   have   read   and   fully   understand the information on this pre-work page.
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