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BACKGROUND Robert   served   with   the   US   Marine   Corps   for   10   years.      He   and   his      wife,   Tammie,   provide   the   high quality   instruction   for   Committed      Canine's   Professionally   Guided   -   Owner   Trained   T.E.A.C.H.      course and  offer custom training for fully functional Service Dogs.  They      have   both   seen   the   positive   impact   that   a   Service   Dog   can   have   on   a   disabled   person's   life.     Robert   and   Tammie   are   especially   focused   on   helping   US   Military      veterans   who   hope   to   overcome some of their daily hurdles by  partnering with a highly trained Service Dog. DISCOUNT US military veterans receive a 25% discount on T.E.A.C.H. enrollment or custom training. We also extend that discount to disabled Police and Fire Fighters. PTSD and SERVICE DOGS The   very   first   Service   Dog   that   Robert   &   Tammie   trained,   back   in   2003,      was   placed   with   an   individual     diagnosed   with   PTSD.      Because   she      lived   locally,   Tammie   &   Robert   were   able   to   maintain   close   contact     with her  and were able to see, first hand, the incredible, positive  effect her dog had on her life.  Years   later,      she   continued   to   function      at   a   level   of   confidence   and   capability   that   was   astonishing, compared  to the shell of a  person she once was.  Since   that   time,   Robert   &      Tammie   have   seen   many   other   PTSD   sufferers      come      through      Committed Canine,   and   continue   to   experience   the   value   that   a      Service   Dog   can   provide.      The   therapeutic   benefits of   attending   the   Committed   Canine      TEACH      course      can   be   witnessed   in   the   very   first   weekend   of instruction.  US        Military    veterans    are        often    excellent    candidates    for    an    owner-trained    program.        They    have experienced   the   benefit   of   developing   and      maintaining   high   standards   for   behavior.      They   are      typically people      who   have   a   high   desire   to   work   towards   a   goal   and   accomplish   the   mission.      Sadly,   that   is   one of   the   things   that   PTSD   can   strip   from   a      person.            Whether   a   student   of   the   TEACH   process,   or   a   the new   handler   of   a   Custom      Trained   Service   Dog,   continued   training   will   be   required.      That   daily      practice can   restore   a   sense   of   purpose   and   achievement.         The   actual   training   process   can   help   diminish psychological   struggles   by      presenting   the      individual   with   an   important   job   -   a   job   that   is   critical      to   his or her own success.  The      responsibility   of   training   a   dog   can      move   an   individual   from   highly   depressed   to      functional   and     cooperative.  And, of course, there’s nothing like the love of a devoted dog.
Robert    &    Tammie    were    recognized by    the    Army        National    Guard    for their      volunteer      work      at      Yellow Ribbon    events    where    they    provide information    to        returning    soldiers about the use of Service  Dogs.