Robert served with the US Marine Corps for 10 years.  He and his wife, Tammie, provide the high quality instruction for Committed Canine's Professionally Guided - Owner Trained T.E.A.C.H.  course and the training and development of Custom Trained Service Dogs.  They have both seen the positive impact that a Service Dog can have on a disabled person's life.  While Committed Canine is designed to provide quality education and training for any disabled individual who chooses to use a Service Dog to mitigate his/her disability, Robert and Tammie are especially focused on helping US Military veterans who hope to overcome some of their daily hurdles by partnering with a highly trained Service Dog.


US military veterans receive a 25% discount on T.E.A.C.H. enrollment and a 20% discount on training costs of a Fully Trained Service Dog.

PTSD and Service Dogs

The very first Service Dog that Robert & Tammie trained, back in 2003, was placed with an individual  diagnosed with PTSD.  Because she lived locally, Tammie & Robert were able to maintain close contact with her  and were able to see, first hand, the incredible, positive effect her dog had on her life.  Years later,  she continued to function at a level of confidence and capability that was astonishing, compared to the shell of a  person she once was.  Since that time, Robert & Tammie have seen many other PTSD sufferers  come  through Committed Canine, and continue to experience the value that a Service Dog can provide. The therapeutic benefits of attending the Committed Canine  TEACH course  can be witnessed in the very first weekend of instruction.  US Military veterans are  often excellent candidates for an owner-trained program.  They have experienced  the benefit of developing and maintaining high standards for behavior.  They are  typically people who have a high desire to work towards a goal and accomplish the  mission.  Sadly, that is one of the things that PTSD can strip from a person.   Whether a student of the TEACH process, or a recipient of a Custom Trained Service Dog, continued training will be required.  That daily practice can restore a sense of purpose and achievement.   The actual  training process can help diminish psychological struggles by presenting the  individual with an important job - a job that is critical to his or her own success.  The  responsibility of training a dog can move the person from highly depressed to  functional and cooperative.  If you own a dog, yourself, you can understand the  value of unconditional love that a canine companion can offer to anyone.
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RECOGNITION Robert & Tammie were recognized by the Army National Guard for their volunteer work at Yellow Ribbon events where they provide information to returning soldiers about the use of Service Dogs.  
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Department of Defense “Accreditation”

On January 7, 2016 a Department of Defense policy went into effect which limits the access of Service Dogs onto military bases (including VA hospitals) to those which were produced by ADI accredited companies.   If you are a military veteran who would like to partner with a Service Dog and you will need to take it with you on military establishments, please read our position and status regarding this DoD regulation.
ADI Accreditation ADI Accreditation