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Tammie & Robert professionally a dog that you provide.   


Professional Dog Training Your dog will reside in our home for ten weeks (minimum) Receive professional Service Dog training Learn high standard obedience for sound, reliable public access Learn to perform specific tasks to mitigate your disability Handler Instruction At the conclustion of your dog’s stay, you will participate in  Three days of Service Dog handler instruction (minimum)  Two days of follow up one month later You will receive The Public Access test, to evidence your dog’s training and your handling skills 40 hours of class room instruction and public outings A certificate providing evidence of your dog’s training and your handling A binder that contains the entire presentation Three published books on dog training Supplies like collar and leash and training aids A Service Dog vest A custom ID badge Continued support (email or telephone) Light snacks and beverages during the handler classes. NOTE :    this    example    is    for    the    standard,    minimum    requirments    for    most    psychiatric services   dogs.         Some   light   mobility   tasks   can   also   be   accomplished   in   the   basic   10   weeks.     If you have a need for more complicated tasks, additional training time will be required.


Training is held at Committed Canine training facility in Brownstown, Illinois.   You   must   be   able   to   travel   to   our   location   to   participate   in   Handler   Training,   on   two occassions, separted by a month.    See the Location page for directions as well as information on area motels
Custom Trained Service Dog


We   receive   one   or   two   dogs   per   ten-week   training   session.      We   offer   three   sessions   per year.  See the schedule below.  

How Much?

$10500   covers   your   dog’s   training,   your   handler   instruction,   the   course   materials, training supplies, vest, ID, follow-up Fee covers the basic ten weeks of on-site training and 40 hours of instruction.  10%    deposit    ($1050)    to    hold    a    training    spot    -    this    is    non-refundable,    but transferable. 40% ($4200) is due when you drop the dog off for training,   The remainder ($5250) is due on the first day of your Handler Instruction.  Additional   weeks   of   training   to   support   a   more   strenuous   /   complicated   task   list requires an additional fee of $800/week.

Other details

You must select and secure your own dog for training.  Why  ? See the PrepWork page for information on requirements for the dog. See PrepWork page for advice regarding the selection of an appropriate dog. If,   after   reading   the   materials,   you   have   questions   about   the   acquisition   of   an appropriate   dog,   we   recommend   scheduling   a   telephone   call   after   you   submit   the application   so   that   we   have   received   information   about   your   expectations   and needs.  There is no fee for the application. We   recommend   students   bring   a   support   individual   to   the   Handler   Instruction.   We appreciate   if   children   are   not   in   attendance,   except   a   disabled   child   that   is   being partnered with the dog. Transportation   to   or   from   the   training   facility   for   the   dog   or   the   student   is   not included. Housing    and    meals    during    the    Handler    Instruction    are    not    included.        See    the Location    page    for    information    about    area    motels    which    are    located    about    15 minutes from our facility.
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