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Instructors & Trainers

After a decade of developing it as a part-time venture, Tammie & Robert Rogers became full-time,  professional dog trainers/ educators in 2001.   The couple owns and operates DarnFar Ranch, LLC a full service, dog training facility located in Brownstown, IL.      In 2003 they trained their first Service Dog and placed it with its handler in 2004.  A Professionally Guided -  Owner Trained Service Dog program was created in 2008 as an additional service offered by DarnFar Ranch.   The program was named Committed Canine.  Tammie & Robert provided the professional instruction and  training for the course.           In February, 2011, spring boarding off their combined near 40 years of dog training experience, Tammie & Robert Rogers formed Committed Canine  as a unique company, and the course that was offered by DarnFar Ranch became a stand alone organization dedicated to training Service Dogs  and their handlers.   They continue to offer the train-your-own dog program called T.E.A.C.H. as well as offer custom trained Service Dogs.       Our Purpose:     Committed Canine  is dedicated to: 1. Education and training programs for disabled individuals who choose to employ a Service  Dog to mitigate their handicap     2.  The training and placement of Service Dogs
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